White-grounded carpets from the province Azilal in the Central High Atlas have appeared on the international market in recent years. These carpets reminds of the Middle Atlas because of their colour composition and their loose structure. The height of the pile does not amount to 7 cm any more, but only about half of it. The design which is frequently deducted from the diamond-lattice is more liberal and variable. A common characteristic is the use of natural white and brown to black sheep’s wool.

Azilal ─ 270 x 117 cm

Azilal ─ 182 x 113 cm

Azilal ─ 216 x 140 cm

Azilal ─ 183 x 181 cm

Azilal ─ 305 x 124 cm


Azilal ─ 262 x 127 cm

Azilal ─ 213 x 119 cm

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