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Morocco has a long tradition of weaving. Some of the world's most beautiful carpets are made here. These fantastic carpets have been woven since the 8th century, when Berber tribes settled in Morocco. Women have been weaving carpets for more than a thousand years. The wool comes from the sheep bred on the heights of the Atlas Mountains. The tribes still live in the mountains, and the knowledge is passed down from mothers to daughters.

Modern Taznakht Rug

Taznakht ─ 220 x 315 cm

Taznakht Rug

Taznakht ─ 211 x 310 cm

Taznakht Rug

Taznakht ─ 180 x 263 cm

Colorful berber rug

Taznakht ─ 210 x 305 cm

high quality moroccan rug

Taznakht ─ 224 x 316 cm

Found a new home in Milan, Italy
Green Berber Rug

Taznakht ─ 194 x 295 cm

Modern Berber Rug

Taznakht ─ 208 x 317 cm

Contemporary Berber Rug

Taznakht ─ 166 x 264 cm

Found a new home in Zug, Switzerland
Modern Berber Rug

Taznakht ─ 215 x 299 cm

Found a new home in Bagno a Ripoli, Italy
Luxury Taznakht Rug

Taznakht ─ 190 x 302 cm

- 30% Red Berber Rug

Taznakht ─ 202 x 307 cm

high quality moroccan rug

Taznakht ─ 202 x 308 cm

High quality moroccan rug

Taznakht ─ 197 x 305 cm

Modern taznakht rug

Taznakht ─ 190 x 304 cm

Super soft Taznakht rug

Taznkhat ─ 202 x 304 cm

Found a new home in Zurich, Switzerland
White modern Taznakht Rug

Taznakht ─ 215 x 320 cm

Found a new home in London, England
Modern Boujad Rug

Boujad ─ 316 x 386 cm

Modern Mrirt Rug

Mrirt ─ 160 x 264 cm

Mrirt Rug

Mrirt ─ 210 x 310 cm

Modern Mrirt Carpet

Mrirt ─ 162 x 264 cm

Black Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 144 x 216 cm

Giant Mrirt Rug

Mrirt ─ 267 x 345 cm

Found a new home in Tel-Aviv, Israel
colourful Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 221 x 295 cm

Found a new home in La Coruña, Spain
White Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 232 x 312 cm

Found a new home in Stockholm, Sweden
Contemporary Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 221 x 295 cm

Contemporary Moroccan Rug

Mrirt ─ 206 x 319 cm

Modern Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 213 x 310 cm

Contemporary Berber Rug

Mrirt ─ 190 x 313 cm

looking for something special?

Beni Ourain Rug


Minimal rugs with white background and tribal characters.

Beni Ourain Rug


Vintage and traditional authentic rugs.

Beni Ourain Rug

luxury weave

High quality sheep wool and finest weaving techniques.

Beni Ourain Rug


Authentic and modern carpets for spacious rooms.